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QuickBooks IRS Audit Disclosure

If you feel uneasy about turning over your entire QuickBooks file to the IRS as a part of an IRS audit, we have a service we call QB Audit Disclosure, where we can limit a QuickBooks file to the dates under audit.

What is QB Audit Disclosure?
When legal disputes arise that require the disclosure of financial information (often due to law suits, arbitration, IRS audit, etc.), QB Audit Disclosure allows you to remit a company file in these instances providing selective data for the time period required and no more. By divulging only limited financial information to third parties you avoid the risk of revealing sensitive information.

What is involved in the process?
You must provide us with the admin password as well as the beginning date and the end date that you want your file to contain. We in turn remove all non open transactions (including payroll) prior to the beginning date and all transactions after the end date. Then we reset the account balances, the inventory balances, and the sales tax payable from that date forward.

Note: we must maintain the open accounts receivable, accounts payable and undeposited funds transactions prior to the beginning date for the file to calculate correctly. We can perform what we call a strict cutoff in which there are no open transactions maintained prior to the beginning date, but this will only work for Accrual Basis files that do not contain inventory (Note: when doing a strict cutoff Customer and Vendor Balances on reports will not be correct if there were open receivables or payables at the beginning date.

Can you tell there have been recent changes to the file when the work is done?
No. As a part of our process we remove changes to the audit trail and set all created dates (not transactions dates) to one unified date. Therefore if you made a change to the file in the recent few days there will not be evidence of the change after we complete the work.

What files can be processed?
All QuickBooks Pro/Premier files 2007 and later.
Enterprise files Version 7.0 and beyond (2007 - present).

How long does it take?
We generally turn the work around in 24-36 hours, but the work can be turned around faster if need be.

What is the price?
The price is $349 per file for files under 500 megabytes.

How do I get more information?
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